Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Here Is Your Chance

Hey Iowans...this is it! This is your chance to do something good for the animal community. 

ACTION ALERT - Write or Call Your State Representative Today and Ask Them to Support the Pet Protective Order Bill (SF2118)

This bill will include family pets in Orders of Protection for victims of Domestic Abuse.

SF2118 means this bill has passed the senate and is now up for debate in the House. Therefore it is your State Representatives that you need to write or call.

If you don't know who your state Representatives are go to this link: 

Search for your zipcode. 

There should be two representatives listed.  Then click on each name and their contact information will be listed. 

The Iowa Federation of Humane Societies explains the bill and gives you some talking points.

Call or Write to your State Representatives TODAY asking them to support this bill. When it passes you will know it was because of YOU. I mean much effort does it take to write an e-mail. Most of you do it every day anyway. Make this one count.

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